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New philatelic materials from Brno in 2014 

28th -  31st December  2014, commemorative postmark "Tradional christmas in Brno", Post office Brno 1, 601 00.
3rd - 5th September 2014, commemoratice postmark "new postage stamp Karel starší ze Žerotína", post office Brno 1, 601 00. 
27th June 2014, commemorative railway mail Prague - Brno, in according of exhibitions World War I 1914 - 2014.  30th April - date of issue special postal stationary.
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11th June 2014, FDC (motorcar Zbrojovka Z4), postmark, logo Zbrojovka, Brno


26th March 2014, FDC (Bohumil Hrabal), postmark Hrabals cat, Brno



- Philatelic Club Auction - every last Saturday in a month (except the hollidays). Beginning at 8,00 a.m.
Viewing of philatelic material - before auction. 
Venue  - restaurant Stadion - Kounicova street No. 22

Out of Brno Auctions:

Exchange Meetings

 Exchange Meetings in Brno 2014:
Exchange Meetings in Brno 2015:
17th and18th April 2015 10th Fair Meeting organized by Phil. Club of A. Mucha, various  colector´s  materials Brno Fairground, Hall A3, 9.00 to17.30 


Periodical small exchange meetings organized by Philatelic Club of A. Mucha in Brno:

Every Saturday
(except the Hollidays)
Restaurant Kometa Pub - Kounicova street No. 22
From 9,00 to 11,00 a.m.(last saturday in a month from 8,00 a.m.) 

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15. 9. 2014 -  first flight ČSA on the line Hamburg - Goteborg and back
   - Hamburg - Goteborg, cachet black, 2 x daily stamp
   - Goteborg - Hamburg, cachet red, 2 x daily stamp
Organized by German aerophilatelists.


15th December 2014 -  Jubilee air mail Prague - Frankfurt am Main - Prague, 50years air line. Organized by: Philatelic Club from Javorník u Jeseníku and German aerophilatelists.
 - Praha - Frankfurt am main, yet not delivery
   - Frankfurt am Main - Praha, Czech cachet black, German cachet violet, 2x daily stamp

6th and 7th December 2014 -  first flight SmartWings Prague - Dusseldorf.
   - Praha - Dusseldorf, 6th December 2014, colour print on the envelope, cachet red, 2x daily stamp
   - Dusseldorf - Praha, 7th December 2014, colour print on the envelope, cachet blue, 2x dyily stamp. Organized by German aerophilatelists.
By this flight was transported letters from canceled flight Karlovy Vary - Dusseldorf (comp.Germania)
17th February 2014 (7th December 2014) -  first flight comp. Germania Dusseldorf - Karlovy Vary.
Flight was canceled by customer. Letters was transported in 7th December 2014 by first flight comp. SmartWings on airline Dussledorf - Praha. 
 - Dusseldorf - Karlovy Vary, colour print on the envelope, cachets - brown and green. Cachet from 7th December yelow (Dusseldorf - Praha), 3x daily stamp
   - Karlovy Vary - Dusseldorf, colour print on the envelope, cachets - brown and green. Cachet from 7th December yelow (Dusseldorf - Praha), 3x daily stamp, (daily stamp Karlovy with wrong date 17.3.2014)
Organized by German aerophilatelists.

since 31st October, R sticker, 100 years since birth of colonel J. Valčík, czech paratrooper in Great Britain, "100. výročí narození plk. J. Valčíka, příslušníka paravýsadku Silver A, účastníka atentátu na R. Heydricha 2. 11. 1914 Smolina u Valašských Klobouk", Post office 766 01 Valašské Klobouky, 480 pcs

30th October
7th November 2014, APOST sticker Val. Klobouky J. Valčík"
, Post office 766 01 Valašské Klobouky  
since 22nd September 2014, R sticker, 120 years since company BAŤA was based in Zlín 1894
Post office 760 01 Zlín 1, 480 pcs

22nd – 26th September 2014, APOST sticker, „Zlín 1 BAŤA 120 let“, 120 years since company BAŤA was based, pošta 760 01 Zlín 1

17th June 2014, Commemorative machin stamp - uncovering RAF memorial in Prague. Post office - 110 00 Praha 1
7th June 2014, Commemoratice hand postmark "25th Czech army exhibition Bahna 2014). Post office 338 45 Strašice. (2x Jas-39C, 2x L-159A,CASA C295, 2x Mi-35 and Mi-171Š, paratroopers).
31st January 2014, Machine stamp "92nd birthsday paratrooper  genmjr. Jaroslav Klemeš - last living (Czech) member of SOE" , post office 110 00 Praha 1uary 2014, Machine stamp "92nd birthsday paratrooper  genmjr. Jaroslav Klemeš - last living (Czech) member of SOE" , post office 110 00 Praha 1
30th January 2014, Olympic air mail, transported with Czech olympionics to the Sochi. (organized by Olympsport).



Philatelic commemorative materials prepared by Czech post
2nd December 2014, (cz)

Railway mail Prague - Brno, 27th June 2014 (cz)

Motorcycle mail Vyšší Brod - Prague, 5th September 2014 (cz)

Electronic overview of czech postage stamps (CZ), (Word2003): 
1999, 2004, 2011, 2012 and 2013

new - 2014

"INFORMACE SČF", bulletin of Czech
 philatelists association, no. 3/2014

"INFORMACE SČF", bulletin of Czech
 philatelists association, no. 2/2014

 "INFORMACE SČF", bulletin of Czech
philatelists association, No.1/2014 (Part 1)
/Part 2


CHOMUTOV 2015, VI. Czech-German philatelic exhibition Euregia Egrensis.
Date of exhibition: 6th - 10th May 2015
Last date for application form: 15th December 2014

Application form          List of exhibit-titul         List of exhibit-others sheets

Exhibition 1st grade with German presence
Exhibition classes: tradional, postal history, postal stationery, aero, astro, thematic, fiscal, maximaphilately, literature and open
Qualification: min. 70 points from 2nd grade exhibition
Entry fee: 15 €/ frame (16 sheets), 16€ for one item in literature class
Contact is on the application form.


Postage stamps with letter value:
- value "A" (standard letter up to 50 gramms
 over Czech rep.)

- value "E" (priority letter up to 20 gramms
 over Europe)

- value "Z" (priority letter up to 20grams
- Oversee)

1- Commemorative cancelations with air-motifs from
 the territory of Czechoslovakia  region
1918-1999 (in Czech)
The postoffices in Brno (2009, in Czech)

(Single chapters are files with  .pdf extension for free programme Adobe Reader.)

New postage stamps, commemorative cancelations,
R-Stickers and APOST Stickers
- see Pages of Czech Post

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