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 - EMISION PLAN CZECH POST 2018 (27.3.2018)


Philatelic materials 2017 

13th April 2018, commemorative R-sticker, 13th Fair Meeting of Collectors. Provisional post office in pavilion A3 and Post office Brno 1, 601 00 Brno

7th - 16th March 2018, commemorative postmark - 40th anniversary space flight of Vladimir Remek, text: "První československý kosmonaut/The first Czechoslovak cosmonaut, Sojuz 28, 40 let". Post office 601 00 Brno 1
7th March 2018 -  Observatory from 13.00 to 17.00 hours

9th - 25th February 2018, commemorative postmark Olympic festival, Brno, post office 647 00 Brno, 9th February - provisional post office in pavilion "Z" Brno Trade Fair
20th January 2018, commemorative postmark  "Czech stamps creation - Jiří Bouda", post office Brno 1, 601 00, only on saturday - provisional post office on Main Train Station Brno - private room J. Boudy, from 11:00 to 14:00

64th auction Klim, 12th May 2018, hotel International, Brno

- Philatelic Club Auction - every last Saturday in a month (except the hollidays). Beginning at 8,00 a.m.
Viewing of philatelic material - before auction. 
Venue  - restaurant Stadion - Kounicova street No. 22

Out of Brno Auctions:

Mail auction Alfil, collections, closing date 19th April 2018, 10.00p.m. (CET)

Spring on-line auction Album (SK), 22nd April 2018, 4.00 p.m. (CET)

46th auction postage stamps Profil, 28th April 2018, Hotel Olympik-Artemis, Prague

Exchange Meetings


Exchange Meetings in Brno 2018:
13th October 2018 Great exchange meeting (Philatelic club of A. Mucha) Kometa Pub, Kounicova 20, from 9,00 to 11,00 a.m.


Periodical small exchange meetings organized by Philatelic Club of A. Mucha in Brno:

Every Saturday
(except the Hollidays)
Restaurant Kometa Pub - Kounicova street No. 20
From 9,00 to 11,00 a.m.(last saturday in a month from 8,00 a.m.) 


A View of News from the past Years:

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Exhibitions in Region  

40th anniversary space flight of Vladimir Remek - The first Czechoslovak cosmonaut, Sojuz 28
7th March 2018, provisional post office in Brno Observatory from 13.00 to 17.00 hours. Visit of V. Remek- give autographs.
In this day there was get-together ten cosmonaut in Brno.  V. Remek, O. Pelčák, J. Romaněnko (Rossia), Miroslaw Hermaszewski (Poland), Sigmund Jähn (Germany), Bertalan Farkas (Hungary), Frank de Winne (Belgium), Ivan Bella (Slovakia), Franz Viehböck (Austria), Dumitru Prunariu (Romania).  

7.3. morning - Technical Museum in Brno: (foto: P. Uhrin) Ten
(or eleven) cosmonauts in Brno


Olympic festival Brno, from 9th to 25th February 2018
Brno Exhibition Centre, Pavilion "Z"
Specialized society Olymsport has on site over all time information service and on 18 frames display sports motives.


Inauguration of New Postage Stamp Tradition of Czechoslovak and Czech postage stamp - Jiří Bouda
21th January 2018,
Brno Main railway station - lounge od Jiří Bouda
Provisional Post Office in Brno Main railway station (Commemorative Postmark in use) from 11.00 to 14.00 hours.

Author of postage stamp - Vladimír Suchánek Engraver Miloš Ondráček  





Others from Brno  



6th May 2018,  Jubilee air mail Prague - Tel Aviv, 70 years air line Prague - Israel – organized by KMF Javorník u Jeseníku.  Informations in czech

6th May 2018,  Jubilee air mail Tel Aviv - Prague, 70 years air line – organized by KMF Javorník u Jeseníku.  Informations in czech

30th April 2018  Jubilee air mail Prague - Amsterodam - Prague, 90 years air line Prague - Netherland – organized by KMF Javorník u Jeseníku and De Vliegende Hollander. Informations in czech

7th March 2018 Stamp book; Hamza sanatorim and town Luže will issue private stamp book with eight postage stamps. One from stamps will be dedicate the war pilot - member of 310th RAF sduadron - Josef Koukal. 



25th February 2018, machine postmark, 95th birthday of Emil Boček - last live czech fighter RAF, text: "95 let Generálmajor Emil Boček *25.2.1923 poslední žijící český stíhač RAF", post office 110 00 Praha 1.

28th January 2018  Olympic air mail to Pchjongschang– FDC Czech Post – organized by Olympsport



Basic Postage Rates Czech Post (selection) - since 1st. February 2018 (cz)

Philatelic Commemorative Materials prepared by Czech Post
9th April 2018, (cz)

Electronic Overview of Czech Postage Stamps (CZ), (Word2003): 
1999, 2004, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and new - 2017




Postage Stamps with Letter Value:
- value "A" (standard letter up to 50 gramms  - over Czech rep.)

- value "E" (priority letter up to 20 gramms  - over Europe)

- value "Z" (priority letter up to 20 grams
- Oversee)

1- Commemorative Cancelations with Air-motifs from
 the Territory of Czechoslovakia  Region
1918-1999 (in Czech)
The Postoffices in Brno (2009, in Czech)

(Single chapters are files with  .pdf extension for free programme Adobe Reader.)

New postage stamps, commemorative cancelations,
R-Stickers and APOST Stickers
- see Pages of Czech Post


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